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Scale Your Syndication by Growing Your Investor Relations Team

What We've Heard from Our Customers

We specialize in transforming these concerns into actionable strategies, allowing you to focus on what you do best while harnessing the power of CRM for your business growth.
'I don't have the time to delve into CRM intricacies; my focus is on core operations and revenue generation.'


'Understanding the CRM's full potential and how it can positively impact my business remains a mystery to me.'
'My CRM is essentially a database for bulk email campaigns; there's no valuable data insight.'       


Start Building Trust with Your Customers Today!
Your "Traditional" CRM
  • Property Updates
  • Newsletters
  • Welcome Series
  • Educational Info
  • Webinar Details
ALL IN ONE (Sales + Service + Marketing) 
  • Personalized Content
  • Segmented Audience Types
  • Lead Follow Ups
  • Sales Sequences / Touchpoint Plans
  • Investor Pipelines
  • Deal Management
  • Automations / Workflows
  • Reports / Dashboards
VSV was Mav Consultings first customer starting in November 2022. The initiative was driven by the leadership team to provide a single source of customer data to hold data contacts within multipl
What We Do:
  • Outline Your Strategy

  • Design & Develop Solution

  • Customize It For You

  • Test & Deliver

  • Background in Syndication and Understanding Use Cases

  • KPI Driven, Dedicated Team For Every Project

  • We Build You a Custom Dashboard to See You ROI Potential

  • Weekly Calls With Our Support Team

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End to End Syndicator Fast Pass 

Multifamily Syndication
Get Access to the MOST EFFICIENT Investor Relations Starter Program Out There Today
We Offer a Vertically Integrated Turnkey CRM System Build by Real Estate Professionals:
  • Data Migration
  • Account Setup (Contacts, Leads, Deals)
  • Data Management (Creative Customer Data Aquisition)
  • Task Automation
  • Integrations: Website, Calendar, Email, Project Management tool, etc.
  • Pipeline Management
  • Custom Automation / Workflow
  • Reports & Dashboard Analytics
  • ChatBots
  • Live 1:1 Training / Support
  • & More